“My Dress is Palestinian – THAWBI” will be featured at Villeneuve Lez Avignon – France from the dates between 11th Sept – 29th Sept 2019. from more details:


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All the photos of “My Dress is Palestinian – THAWBI” will be presented at “Le Metropolitain” at Bureau d’Art et de Recherche – La Qsp Galerie from 5th Apr – 11th of May 2019

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Partnership / traditional costume day 2018

As a partner of the traditional costume day in Nablus 18.07.2018, The team of “My Dress is Palestinian – THAWBI” helped in organizing the event together with all other partners.

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An artistic heritage and cultural project which mainly use photography and literature by “Photos and Tales”, and mainly aims to confirm
and assist the Palestinian people’s right of their traditional Palestinian embroidery both old and modern to convey a clear message to the world that Palestine and its people is the one and only home for Palestinian heritage .

The first part of the project is working with 100 girl from 100 different country around the world each one of them will wear a traditional and embroidered dress which will be in modern style and different from others .

a photo session is held for each dress in different sites in Palestine and each site holds a different story from others and the story must be told in a literal way by mention the dress details and information about the model .
The aim for this project is to send a message to the world that this is the Palestinian Embroidery
the models portrait must be exhibited in exhibitions around the world for the project and each part of it . logo

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